After Isla’s birthday party last Saturday, we were all just sitting around relaxing and these three got on the topic of music, then music in their childhoods, then the male celebrities of their childhood.  It was extremely hilarious to sit there and listen to them go off. 

It’s so fascinating when we thing about the importance of music in our lives.  Since Project Kinect has started, I’ve got into quite a few conversations about music.  It really does carry us through our lives and those emotions of what we were feeling in those moments comes out when we talk about the music.  So much that we almost get carried back to that time and place. 

I look forward to getting into more music conversations as this year goes along because it transforms the people I am speaking to and that transformation is often inspirational.  We must always remember where we can find inspiration.

Well, here are Kay, Dina, and Monique and part of their discussion.  It was loud in the room but you can still hear their conversation.