Today is the day to feel like a community.  Whether we are together watching fireworks, with loved ones at a barbecue, or just staying in the air conditioning watching the festivities, we get the chill that causes our hairs to stand up because we feel one and complete as a country. Unfortunately,  that feeling needs to be able to happen more than one day a year.  We need to find a way that we are constantly standing side by side, ready to support one another in the good times and the bad instead of being ready to pounce on one-another’s jugular because we don’t see eye to eye on every point. 

This country was built on the freedom of having our own views, creating our own lives without taxation and the ability to have fair representation.  We are all together in this and we all created the circumstances that we are in.  Now together, on our independence day, lets really start looking at how to move into the future as one organized group who are unified and strong, not fighting and weak.  Everyone of us have worth, we just have to find that out together.

We Are All Involved!