I know it seems that people would want to just naturally go to our nation’s capitol, but there are incentives to making the long haul with a bus load of teenagers to Washington D.C.  The main ones would be the monuments as well as the Smithsonian museums.  Do you realize that most of the older museums, at least the ones around the mall, are all free?  I didn’t.  I walked up to the United States History Museum attempting to budget what I could to try and get out of the rain.  As I approached the door with fear because of my extremely slim budget, I walked up, showed the inside of my bag and then all of a sudden was inside.  I didn’t have to pay.  I was so confused and guilty that I asked if there was something I missed and nope, there wasn’t.  These pictures are from the Mall and D.C.  If you get a chance, it is well worth it, if not just for the beauty.