As I have been getting everything ready for the big trip to Tuscaloosa, AL , I have gotten a couple “I wish I could volunteer for something like that” comments.  In addition to that, I have received a few emails asking how I am finding different volunteer opportunities as I travel.  I have been just looking at community boards and Google searching much of what I have been doing but recently I have come across a website that matches you with the right volunteer opportunity….

One of my goals for Project Kinect is to make this huge community board where you can see what I have done, who I have volunteered with and other organizations that have popped out to me while I’ve been on this journey.  I want you to continue to check that out, but realistically, those are only opportunities that were in my eye sight; gives you a much wider spectrum of what is out there and gives you options that are more suitable for your interests.

We all want to volunteer, but the hard part is finding the opportunities. completely helps you out with that.  With that said, I hope you’re waiting with baited breath for the Tuscaloosa trip.