Being home for a couple of months in the middle of Wisconsin makes me think about the whole of our community. In Wisconsin, we tend to go straight the German and Norwegian settlers that make up the original biological make of our community.  Of course time has changed that and I have spoken much about what my home area of Wisconsin Dells looks like as the demographics of the community continues to change.  What I haven’t mentioned though is the historical aspects of what makes up this area.  Before the Germans and the Norwegians were the French; but before the French were the two tribes of Native Americans.  These tribes were the Menominee and the Ho Chunk.  This website on the Wisconsin Dells History is really the best way to get the information and it offers some great historical photographs.
Before I left for Vegas last week, there was a Native American Ceremony in the park here in the Dells. I had a chance to head up there and see it so here is a little bit of the footage from that event.  This event was a mixture many different tribes so it wasn’t geograohical specific but local tribes were definitely represented.