Thank you to everyone already helping out with the relief from Hurricane Sandy.  In Queens in Long Island there is a place called the Rockaways that has been devastated.  Unfortunately because of geography, local politics, damage and debris, clean up is not happening as efficiently and with a sense of urgency as it needs to.  Temperatures are dropping and residents are without the tools to get through this.  Below is a list of links for you to help or share.  If you have links to add, please add them in comment boxes.

Right now, Project Kinect is in contact with local leaders in the Roackaways to get food, water and tools to them out of Little Rock, AR.  If you are able to assist with this endeavor, please email me at

*If you donate money, Project Kinects asks that you first make sure you are donating to an organization that will be giving the procedes directly to those who are in need of relief.


Most immediate right now are: Please contact Project Kinect with any information on donations of the following goods

                             Work Boots: Mens sizes 11-14



Here are some additional needs that are most urgent.

Links for Further Assistance