Last May when I was in St. Paul for the Minnesota AIDS walk, I took a moment to sit with Danny, the program assistant for the Out for Equity with the St. Paul school district.  When we taped this, he was just ending the year with the program and was extremely happy after the successful year that Out for Equity had.  Since we taped this video, Danny has taken a new position with the Humane Society.  One of the things that I unfortunately had to edit out was his love for animals and so taking this new position is on Danny’s dream job list.

This edited version does share his love for the twin cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, and why he feels at home here.  Where we feel the most at home is an extremely large part of being able to be productive and creates a space where we can contribute the most to our community.  This video of course, is ended with Danny’s definition of community.  It is one of the main focal points of Project Kinect and we must always remind ourselves that we are a part of a community.