Today I got to spend the morning in court.  My friend and I needed to go into court to resolve some business from when we moved out of our apartment before I began Project Kinect.  It isn’t important who was wrong and who was right, but we did leave with smiles on our faces.  My point really doesn’t deal with any of our specific problem for being in court even though it was with what I saw while I sat in that court room.

This morning I got to see Democracy working for the people the way it is set up to.  I got to witness many different people get their claims heard and then went on to be judged by an authority.  I also saw people working together in the most simple of human forms.  The interpreter was assisting the people that needed help and having casual conversation that showed she cared.  The bailiff was cracking jokes with people while still getting the job done.  He wasn’t put off by questions and didn’t intimidate anybody in the courtroom.  The judge, he set he attitude in his courtroom and made everyone feel comfortable and still, held all the respect for the law that it deserves and requires.  People can be people and abide by the law. I think we tend to forget that and often think that when it comes to the law and the courts, it is hardball and there is no kindness.  Today’s experience definitely holds those thoughts untrue.

I’m attaching this video to my blog today.  I was at the FDR memorial while I was in Washington D.C.  I was sitting next to the Eleanor Roosevelt statue and took a moment to just reflect on what she has done for our country.  So much of our modern woman is defined because of her and she took being first lady to a whole new level.