Bri took me and the boys to downtown San Antonio to hang out at Market Square for a little while. It’s an area where local artists and crafters can sell their products to the tourists. Of course, there is always extra stuff that goes along with that for th tourists. I just enjoyed hanging out on a beautiful day watching the kids get excited about the different things to do.  Spending that time with Ben and Owen really showed me that we are not falling behind with our youth, we just need to support them better.   We try to do what is best within our resourses and unfortunately, there isn’t always enough to give everything that our children deserve and need.  This is on every level of the economy, not just the poor.  As for Ben and Owen, they really reminded me that kindness can be given  to anyone and nothing needs to be given back in return.  We were all there at one point.  What is the journey that we take to get where we are now?  This is not a question to point blame.  It is not a question to find answers.  It is just a question to think about in your head and marinate on.  That simple!