What do you do with inspiration once you have it?  We have to remember that inspiration doesn’t always stem from a great or beautiful happening; it can be ugly and sad yet still inspiring.  To be inspired, you just need something that triggers a movement inside you.  Something that is compelling or moving enough to make you sad, angry, extremely happy or so overwhelmed that you have to find out more about that particular subject and share it with someone.  That is inspiration. 

Unfortunately, inspiration gets lost much too quickly today.  It gets lost because we don’t want to notice it or we have so many other “important” things happening, that we let it fall to the side where it can just be an amazing feeling one moment followed by the next task, or, we are just too lazy to do anything about it.  When we are struck with an inspiration, we often look at it with an all or nothing attitude.  A forty something man or woman sees a professional hockey game or figure skating competition and think to themselves “I really wish I could do that but it’s too late for that”.  Well yes, it is too late for you to get the next gold medal in the Olympics, but the inspiration there is not all or nothing.  In our realm of life, there are so many ways that we can use that moment of inspiration and make it into a tangible action that moves forward and gains momentum.  For these two forty something adults, they could sponsor a skate team, start a fundraiser to buy skates for children in their community, learn how to skate or take their children skating.  There is so much space in between all and nothing that we have freedom to let an inspiration guide us. 

I find it funny in a way that we so often say to ourselves, “but what can I do?” when somehow, we can watch a singing competition on television and are able to call in and vote.  We are inspired by the performance to pick up the phone and make that call to vote yet we still say in our everyday lives, “what can I do?”

As I continue to show you what I am doing through my project, Project Kinect, please really start answering that question to what you can do?  There are so many possibilities that many are probably not even thought up yet in your head. While we have been helping at the kitchen next to the once Church of Christ, a woman who had been stopping by for supplies found herself inspired by what was happening at this kitchen.  She found herself with nothing but time and now she is volunteering two days a week there at the kitchen.

 Inspiration is just the start to creating something possible and real for anybody.  Many times, inspiration can just be what gets an idea going. The idea itself inspires someone to use their resources which then builds into a large united change from a cycle of inspired thoughts stemmed from one person.  Never underestimate how large or small your contribution is when inspiration pipes its vocal chords.  Anything you do when you are inspired is greater than not doing anything at all.  It just takes a conscious effort of not sliding into an all or nothing attitude but, finding out what is in your reach that you can make a contribution.

Inspiration is really just momentum; Kinetic energy that is sitting there ready to move forward through some vehicle one way or another.  The next time you feel that momentum, test yourself and see if there is something you can do with it to benefit someone else.  I think that moment, that small millisecond of a moment, right there is the moment that each one of us has the ability to change who we are as a whole society and possibly get ourselves moving in a more positive direction.  We are all involved.