The main reason Project Kinect began in Vegas was because my god daughter’s baptism was being held here.  It was great thing though because it is the beginning of Isla’s life. One of my questions for Project Kinect is how do people become who they are?  Majority of us begin with love all around us, assistance through the beginning of our lives, and the tools to begin accomplishing our goals.   It seems suitable that we start this year off with this baptism to see the love and support that baby Isla has.

This stop also gives me a chance to look back at the last ten years and see the journey I have taken to get where I am now.  When I moved to Vegas, I still had many lessons to learn and far much more to learn about myself.  I was lucky to quickly meet a great new support system who became my urban family.  It is a great reassurance that family is not just the people we are born into, but also the people who come into our lives while we are on the journey. These pictures definitely show how this evolves with time.