As many people already know, Andy Rooney, writer and 60 Minutes commentator, passed away on November 4th.  I’ve been fascinated by him from a young age because of his straight forward, yet satirical point of the truth.  I always felt like he was speaking to me directly, as many of us probably did, and I respected his ability to throw out what he was thinking and not remorse over any consequences.  In life, we have to hear the truth in order to identify what we can work on and Andy Rooney told the truth so we could face it.  Those people are so important to us as a community even if we love them or hate them. They work as our calibrators and help keep us on track, looking at what we’re doing and evaluating it.   I just wanted to post a couple of my favorite 60 minutes moments of Mr. Rooney.

If you would like to read more about his like, here is the New York Times article on him as well as his Wikipedia link.

Andy Rooney on Sleeping

Andy Rooney on Finances

And Rooney’s final send off