For the last month, I am completely locked in on staying in the state of Wisconsin.  I would like to reach my hands out into the world of technology and hear from as many people as possible in this last month.  How you ask?  With an email, a video, or just a simple facebook or twitter message. 

The largest part of my wanting to create Project Kinect was to explore connecting in this technological age.  In this, how do we still fulfill that human connection that we need when we aren’t necessarily physically face to face.  Through the exploration of connecting, are we really getting to know each other?  Over the last year, I have gotten the chance to see some really extraordinary ways we are connecting.  One of my favorites was in Austin with the Skype play, “You Don’t Know Her, She Lives in London: You Don’t Know Him, He Lives in Austin”, produced by the Hidden Room Theatre.  This play used Skype to share the experience of two characters in two different apartments in two opposite parts of the world. 

In this last month, I want to hear from you.  With the help of technology, I would like to get as many people as possible to connect in one forum.  I ask that each person that this post comes across takes a look at the questions and in a response to me via email (, facebook, twitter, or a video , answers as many of the questions as they would like.  In the response, please tell me your name, age, where you’re from, what you do, and any other information you would like to share about yourself.  Please also add whether you would mind me sharing the basics of your input with the followers of Project Kinect.  I look forward to hearing and reading all about the lives and stories of everyone.

I do have one last request.  After you are done reading this post, whether or not you respond to it, please share it with your communities so that for this last month, I can truly hear from the largest group of people possible. 

Thank you for your involvement to an extraordinary year!


Gregg Potter

How do you define community?

Where does your inspiration come from?

How much time do you give selflessly?

What great accomplishments have any of the communities that you’re involved with completed?

What have you been a part of in your life that absolutely amazes you?

What is something about yourself that you have always wanted to share but haven’t?

If you have hesitated from doing what you want, did fear or money scare you most?

When have you been motivated to get involved with politics?

What is the last great face to face conversation that you have had?

What was the last big risk you took?