Last night, as we were laying our heads down to go to sleep in Beaumont, TX, we were watching some footage from after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  The last thing that I remember seeing before I went to sleep was a story about an elected official who personally raised funds for food and water, bought them herself then hiked them up this treacherous hill to make sure that those constituents in that part of the affected area were getting some sort of support.  She was doing everything that she could possibly do to make sure that she was there for the people who voted her in.  I will repeat the main part of this again.  “EVERYTHING SHE COULD POSSIBLY DO”.  That inspires me to continue reaching out, meeting people, finding out what our country actually needs and what is being missed by the people who we voted in.

In Wisconsin, they are doing everything that they can do to be there for each other.  Last Saturday, over a hundred thousand people were marching on the capital. The big event for that rally was that farmers, who have almost absolutely no economical hit directly from the bill in question, brought their tractors to the capital and made themselves seen.  They were doing everything they can to help out the neighbors in need.  Now today, with the possible 8 republican state senators as well as 8 democratic state senators in the spotlight of being recalled, there is a small ripple that is being made that I hope begins to move across the country. We’re not happy the way our government is running things and yes, all this in Wisconsin maybe on a state level, but that is how it begins.  Are the people that you voted in doing what they said they would? I am just asking.  What you do with that answer though is the difference between flexing our democratic muscle and not.

As for the rest on this beautiful Monday, we are now in war with Libya.  Another war before we’ve finished with the mess left from the last administration. I hope that this doesn’t need the resources that it may very well need. Right now, the Middle East is like a hostile kindergarten room with too many destructive toys; A little too much pressure with out a nap time, and all hell will break loose.

Well, I’m off to explore Beaumont a little bit this morning. Have a great day, and while you’re in it, take a moment to think about if you could be doing more in that moment.  Not the entire day, not for your life, but just in that moment.  It’s a little experiment to see what it does to you and does to the people around you.