I’ve been spending some time reflecting on this last year and all of the inspirational people that I have met.  One of the people that I met was Amber while I was sitting in on a seminar provided by the University of Texas at Austin.  I wanted to share this post today to just remind new followers of Project Kinect of some of the people I have met on this journy.  This was before New Orleans, The Today Show, Tuscaloosa, The Kishwaukee Corridor and everything else that has happened since late March. 


 While I was at The Hidden Room production, I met Bijoy who told me about two organizations here in Austin. One was ATX Equation. That I will discuss in a later post. The other, was Rise Austin which assists entrepeneurs in creating their vision. During their conference, they have a selection of great key-note speakers from new up and coming companies. I went to hear about Unreasonable Institute and then met Amber. Amber has a very similar story to mine and was so thrilled to meet her. She was a great addition to my experience here in Austin and to my evening. Listen to her story and enjoy what happens when someone just relies on faith for a moment. Thank you so much Amber. I have a feeling we’ll cross paths again.