While I am getting involved with everything in the interactive part of South by Southwest(SXSW), I want to take a moment and focus on the rest of the country as well as the world.  In the last week, so much tragedy has happened that it is exhausting to think about let alone try to digest.  We have had the most un-Democratic actions ever that took place in Wisconsin earlier this week.  More than nine states are looking at the worst, government’s lack of responsibility, budget cuts ever and day by day, more states are being added to this list. There was one of the largest earth quakes to ever hit Japan which now, as a result, maybe causing a nuclear plant to melt down.  The earthquake sent a tsunami throughout the Pacific which we are all thankful did not cause as much damage as it could have.  Here in our country, we have an enormously spread wild-fire in Oklahoma and Texas that is still not completely under control and yesterday there was a bus accident with tourists in New York City where thirteen people lost their lives.

 Today while we are demonstrating, watching the news, having brunch, going to a show, meeting with loved ones, please take a moment and send thoughts to all of these people.  We are one being and in order to move forward, we have to always keep that in mind.  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone and acknowledge the greatness in it, even if it seems to be small and insignificant.