On Thursday, after working on different projects that are happening in my life and going to lunch with my friend Angie, I found myself alone in the evening looking for someone to connect with.  I wanted to go for a hike with a friend and just chat while we were enjoying our surroundings as dusk approached.  Well, no one was to be found.  Everyone had plans, or wasn’t around, or was completely submerged in something else.  My belief is that sometimes the universe is blatantly telling us that we need to be alone and that is exactly what this moment was.   

So, I went on a hike to one of the many state natural areas that is offered around Wisconsin Dells.  This particular trail has a lot of history to me because it was often the trail we would park at and walk down to the river when friends and family were out on the river.  We would meet them on the beach and join them for a day on the boats.  It is also a great place to just enjoy a hot summer day when no boats are available.  If you’re in the area and you’re looking for one of these trails, here is the site that lists all of the areas.