I was in Chinatown this last Sunday for the 33rd Annual Firecracker 5k/10k to raise money for literacy in the Los Angeles School district.   It was a great place to be on a Sunday morning and raise some money for a great cause.  I didn’t run the race but my friends Michele and Rhonda did.  The energy was amazing down there, especially with all the children and teenagers that were running.  If you have never done an event where you raise money to run or walk, you really should.  If not to raise money for a cause, then to get together with a group of people all fighting for the same reason.  There is a comaraderie that goes along with the early morning air and the large group of people with the same focus.  In the next year, Project Kinect will bring you to many of these events.  As you see me get involved in these type of events over the next year, please reach out to your communities and see what you can do.  At the very least, pay the registration fee and go on a 5k walk.  It’ll be worth the hour or two.

In addition to the photos from the Fircracker Run, I got some great shots while I was downtown,